Even in the era of mobile Internet interconnection of all things, face to face in-depth exchanges in the business community is still important.
G-Media Summit is such a very rare excellent platform.
Directed to invite one hundred from top brand advertisers marketing and media advertising industry, a senior digital marketing experts gathered in three days closeted in-depth exploration of the development of digital advertising and their presence in the heart of the confusion.
In a relaxed environment and atmosphere the same below the new and old friends on the most innovative digital advertising solutions and the latest digital technology to do advertising enlightening exchange.

G-Media Summit provides all guests irreplaceable business opportunity

Participation in G-Media Summit, the problems encountered at work are all on the table to discuss, brainstorm together to solve the problems we face.

The closed-door meeting for the casual side of the business and trade exchanges, mainly includes the following modules:

  1. Heavy keynote address
  2. Technology Trends Analysis Tech Talks
  3. group roundtable discussions
  4. one reservation exchange
  5. Q & A
  6. relaxed outdoor team activities, etc.

Both contribute to arrangements under private environment relatively open speeches, but also ensures that each Attendees can speak freely, without reservation, and the circle of friends in the open and honest exchange;Meanwhile, golf, sailing, cruiser yachts and other sectors also make everyone in a relaxed environment in collaboration with the team through the game to deepen the relationship between each other, from the acquaintance of the people side of the edge to support each other and even business partners friend and confidant.
Let us temporarily put aside daily chores fetters, to the resort refreshing breath of fresh air, the harvest belonging to everyone’s good mood and liking the work



Who should attend ?


  • 09:00-15:00 Summit Registration
    15:00-16:30 Brand Marketing Masterclass (Limited to participation of brands)
    Guest Lecturer:Li Hao,CEO–CAAS Data
    17:00-18:30 One to One Meeting
    18:30-19:50 G-Media Kwai Night×2020 Kwai Advertising Creative Festival Awards Ceremony
    Moderator:Dido Lu,Co-founder & VP of New Business – YOUNGTOWN
    19:50-20:30 Opening Speech – Omni-Channel Data-Driven Precision Marketing
    Fang Jun, Vice President Data & Digital – Unilever
    20:30-20:50 Insight Speech – The Great Route of China's Video Industry
    Fang Fei, VP - Mango TV
    20:50-21:05 Insight Speech –From research on the spread of viruses to virus-like spreading
    Fang Yi, Founder and CEO – GeTui
    21:05-21:15 Innovation Showcase – How to produce a good show?
    Aki Fu,VP – Zhihu
    21:15-21:45 Keynote Speech – Evolution of Brand Marketing Decision in the Post-Pandemic Era
    Dr Mei Songlin,CDO – WM Motor 21:45-24:00
  • 07:00-09:00 Breakfast
    08:00-08:50 Breakfast Roundtable Meeting
    08:55-09:25 Keynote Speech – Growing Brands via Digital
    Dhiren Amin, CMO(Asia)– Kraft Heinz
    09:25-09:45 Insight Speech – Mobile Device:From 1 to N
    Summer Wang,HUAWEI Ads General Manager of Marketing Center – HUAWEI
    09:45-10:15 Keynote Speech – In the Age of Being “Fully Social”,How Shall Brands Create Better Contexts, Content and Roadmaps for Marketing?
    Matt Liao, Vice President Marketing China – Shangri-La Hotels Group
    10:15-10:35 Insight Speech – Data evolves, brand performs
    Fang Cai,COO – Yoyi Digital
    10:35-11:05 Keynote Speech – Ways to Establish Emotional Connection with Consumers After Success Online
    Robin Zhuang,Co-Founder – Chicecream
    11:05-11:25 Insight Speech – How to Move Forward with the Tendency while Standing in the Digital Draught
    Mark Xie,Co-Founder & COO – DeepZero
    11:25-11:40 Insight Speech – Data Empowerment Enables Truly Integrated End-To-End Marketing Solutions with“Zero”Attritions
    Leon Duan,VP,DigitalTransformation – The Illuminera Group
    11:40-11:55 Insight Speech – Era beyond expectations—AIoT drive Smart life
    Gaoming Chen,Advertising Sales Department, General Manager – Xiaomi Inc
    11:55-12:10 Innovative Showcase – How to build a digital growth system with iterable closed-loop cognition based on algorithm technology?
    PhilipWang,Growth Partner – nEqual
    12:10-12:50 Themed Workshop – How is Rapid Brand Growth Achieved Through Private Data
    Guest Lecturer:Winny Ge,Founder – Lean Inno Technology
    12:50-14:00 Lunch
    14:00-14:30 Group Discussion – How to Win with Livestream Marketing in the Year of Livestream Ecommerce
    Moderator:Dido Lu,Co-founder & VP of New Business – YOUNGTOWN
    Freeman Fan, Vice President – Mogujie
    Joyce Deng, Founder – Lu Ming Tang
    Angela Hsueh, Vice President Brand General Manager – Estee Lauder China
    Lela Cui,General Manager of New Alcohol Business Brand Center – Jiang Xiaobai
    Fang Fang, Head of Infant Medical Nutrition Business Unit – Danone Nutricia
    14:30-14:50 Insight Speech – Chasing the Wave of New Consumption Era & Leveraging Marketing Growth Levers in Kuaishou
    Ma Hongbin,Senior Vice President – Kwai
    14:50-15:20 Keynote Speech – In the Age of Pleasing Oneself, How Shall Brands Create Best Sellers?
    Guo Xiao,CMO – POP MART
    15:20-15:40 Insight Speech–Online-Merge-Offline Omni-marketing Measurement,Uncovers the Potential Value of OOH Ads
    Cathie Yang,Miaozhen Systems OMI Service Unit Beijing Office General Manager – Miaozhen Systems
    15:40-16:00 Insight Speech – Cooperate with Long and Short Video Content for Enhanced Marketing Capabilities
    Xiaoyuan Zhang,Head of Content Marketing –
    16:00-16:30 Keynote Speech – “Smart + Innovation”,Exploring the New Driving Force for Brand Development
    Ada Chen,Branding and Creative Management Head–Lenovo China
    16:30-16:40 Innovative Showcase – Focus and reshape home scene marketing
    Wu Shenggang,CEO –
    16:40-16:50 Innovative Showcase – How to enhance brand marketing value in the era of short video for all people?
    TanFei,Chief Operating Officer – Fancy Digital
    16:50-17:00 Innovation Showcase – Digital exploration of a new choice-Integrated marketing cloud
    Gao Peng,Co-founder & CEO – Convertlab
    17:00-17:30 Keynote Speech – Under the Digitalization Wave, How Shall Brands Realize "Evolutionary" Innovation?
    Tang Xujing,Head of Volkswagen Brand Digital Operation – SAIC Volkswagen
    17:30-17:40 Innovative Showcase – New growth driven by data & AI technology in the era of stock economy
    Tiger Yang,Co-Founder & President – APEX Technologies
    17:40-18:00 Keynote Speech – A Youthful Brand Rejuvenation for the Digital Age
    Eric Si,Director of Brand & Design Center – Joyoung
    18:00-20:00 G-Media × THE MI NIGHT
  • 07:30-08:30 Breakfast
    08:30-11:30 Leisure Activities
    11:30-13:30 Lunch & Check out


  • 付继仁
    Fu Jiren (Aki)
    Vice President
    Aki has worked in internet marketing related roles for the past 15 years. Having experienced the rapid developments of the internet and later on, the mobile internet, he has participated in the commercialization developments of many forms of media and channels such as web portals, videos, games, social media, e-commerce, etc. Currently, the Vice President of Zhihu is responsible for the advertising and content marketing business of Zhihu.
    Fang Yi
    Founder & CEO of Merit Interactive (Ge Tui)
    Fang Yi is an excellent graduate of Chu Kochen Honors College, Zhejiang University. He is a winner of the 24th "China Youth May Fourth Medal" and the 10th "China Youth Entrepreneurship Award”. He is also a talent for tech entrepreneurship and leadership listed in China’s national “Ten Thousand Talent Program” . In 2020, cooperated with Academician Li Lanjuan, Fang Yi has led the company to help fight against the COVID-19 pandemic using big data. Having supported the national precise and intelligent pandemic control work, Fang Yi was awarded the "National Advanced Individual in Private Economy in the Fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic". In the meantime, as the company developed the coding engine of Hangzhou Health Code, it was awarded the "National Advanced Group in the Fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic". Under the leadership of Fang Yi, Merit Interactive was successfully listed on the China Growth Enterprise Market (SZSE: 300766), becoming the first data intelligence company to be listed on the A-share market in China. Founded in 2010, Merit Interactive Co., Ltd. (Ge Tui) is a leading data intelligence company that empowers industries with cutting-edge data technologies. Combining industry "know-how" with data intelligence, Merit Interactive provides a number of data intelligent products, services and solutions to customers from different industries and government departments with Internet operation, user growth, brand marketing, intelligent risk control, etc. In the field of brand marketing, Merit Interactive's data marketing service "" has successfully served many well-known brands, including Mars, Danone, Boots, L'Oreal Paris, Purcotton, Heinz, Friso, Huggies and Wyeth, and is committed to making marketing more effective with data.
    Amy Gao
    Amy Gao
    15 years experience in digital marketing and advertising industry. She has worked for CSM Media Research, Miaozhen Systems, Xinsight. Focus on media audience research and Bigdata marketing solutions. Participated in the design and operation of digital advertising monitoring tools, cross-screen budget allocation tools, and programmatic delivery systems. I have accumulated rich experience in marketing technology services for 4A advertising agencies and brand customers.
    Faye Tang
    Partner & Boutique Leader of GrowthX
    Faye Tang has been working in market research and brand consultancy for over 15 years. With a profound understanding about branding and strategy, Faye has developed a strategic business acumen which can help provide branding strategy solutions from disruptive business model, private domains strategy, digital transformation and business growth mapping. Major clients Faye has been working to drive growth include but not limited to Abbott, Nestle, Nutricia, Wyeth, Nissan, Bright Dairy, Ford, Qiaohu, etc.


  • 快手磁力引擎
    The Magnetic Engine, the platform of the Kuaishou commercial marketing service, through the unique public domain attraction and private domain adsorption, can equally empower every brand, in this symbiotic ecology, can help brands and businesses firms find customers and create unique business value.   In November 2020, the brand of Magnetic Engine was renewed and launch a new business value proposition "make the brand more attractive".
  • 小米营销
    Under the guidance of the Xiaomi Group’s "smartphone×AIoT" strategy , Xiaomi Marketing takes OTT, AI and IoT as its marketing strategies, providing clients with the value which is highly beyond expectations. Therefore, Xiaomi has rapidly grown into a promoter of national intelligent life. "Xiaomi Marketing" is a commercial intelligent marketing platform launched by Xiaomi, committed to providing intelligent mobile marketing solutions for various brand owners. Xiaomi marketing regards MI brand as an axis, using‘AI+IoT+OTT’ as an available tool to access the core ecological resources. This strategy can help brand owners effectively reach quality users, enabling its brand’s main selling points and matching precise channels them so as to maximally release the brand’s innovative marketing potential. We provide brand owners with intelligent advertising services combining quality and effect that continue to influence the consumers’ minds, greatly improving the precision, extensibility and intelligence of marketing. Since its establishment in 2014, Xiaomi Marketing has served more than 5,000 key accounts and won honors such as "Top Ten Comprehensive Strength Marketing Service Platform", "Most Popular OTT Marketing Platform of CMO", "Excellent AI Platform of the Year". Meanwhile, we also won more than 100 awards in many marketing competitions such as ROI Festival and Effie Award. Xiaomi marketing has always been committed to providing our customers with better quality, more innovative marketing solutions.
  • HUAWEI Ads
    HUAWEI Ads is an ad service platform based on Huawei “1+8+N” strategy for the 5G era, which integrates Huawei native cloud services and offers better ad services for advertisers and ad sharing policy to attract developers. HUAWEI Ads considers its high-end users as its core value, and is committed to creating an open and compliant advertising ecosystem for high quality marketing experience.
  • 阿里巴巴-友盟+
    Umeng+, a Chinese leading big data company with the mission of "data intelligence, driving business growth", provides professional universal big data service. It has established excellent technology and algorithm capabilities, combined with real-time updated data resources, covering 191 industry categories, outputs 300+ application or industry analysis indicators. Umeng+ has successfully helped Clients to drive business growth by providing one-stop Internet data product & service system. As of June 2021, it has provided professional data services for 2.3 million mobile applications and 9.5 million websites for 10 years. Umeng+ has a variety of well-known Clients, includeing China Mobile, CCTV, People's Daily App, Bytedance, etc.
  • 小红书
    Founded in 2013 by Charlwin MAO and Miranda QU in Shanghai, Xiaohongshu bears a mission of “Inspire Lives”. Users can record their daily life and share their lifestyles through short videos and posts. Besides, user interactions based on mutual interest are encouraged and facilitated.
  • 知乎
  • 搜狐视频
    Sohu Video was founded in 2006. It is China’s most favorite online video destination and No. 1 destination for comprehensive video contents. Sohu Video is China’s first online video service provider offering  “Licensed + High Definition” contents. Ever since it’s foundation a decade ago, Sohu Video has grown into a most influential and credible media platform with its extensive video content library, media influence and leading technological superiority. Sohu Video is committed to innovation on all fronts. As an industry leader, Sohu Video is dedicated to building influence and driving innovation on multi screens, including mobile, PC, and TV.
  • Convertlab
    Convertlab is the first native marketing cloud in China. Convertlab bridges the gap between data and growth through a one-stop marketing cloud service that makes marketing simple and makes growth natural. Convertlab creates professional, smart, and agile products that directly connect enterprises with consumers, refining management capabilities and improving marketing efficiency. Convertlab provides long-term services to over 300companies across a variety of industries, including retail, large chains, finance companies, and FMCG.
  • 深演智能
    DeepZero, the first and largest MarTech Company in China, formerly known as iPinYou. With a broader vision of development, iPinYou has been upgraded to DeepZero in August 2019. Meanwhile, iPinYou remains as the MarTech sub-brand of DeepZero. DeepZero has been utilized artificial intelligence and big data technologies to empower marketing professionals increase decision-making efficiency and boost the development of AI empowers decisions in digital transformation with core technologies. DeepZero has provided data management service and digital advertising service for over 90% of the Fortune 500 companies across various industries including automotive, FMCG, retail, beauty, online service, pharmaceutical and finance. The intelligent decision and data processing capabilities of DeepZero is based on more than 50 patents, 40 software copyrights and 100 awards. Its data management platform leads the Strong Performers in the Forrester Wave™ in Asia Pacific.
  • 每日互动(个推)
    Founded in 2010, Merit Interactive Co., Ltd. (Ge Tui) is a leading data intelligence company that empowers industries with cutting-edge data technologies. Combining industry "know-how" with data intelligence, Merit Interactive provides a number of data intelligent products, services and solutions to customers from different industries and government departments with Internet operation, user growth, brand marketing, intelligent risk control, etc. On March 2019, Merit Interactive was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Ticker: 300766) as the market’s first data intelligence company. Focusing on data intelligence for over ten years, Merit Interactive has built a closed-loop service system of "data accumulation - data governance - data application". Based on developer services, the company continuously consolidates the data base and strengthens data capabilities, providing Internet customers with convenient and stable technical services and intelligent operation solutions. In the meantime, the company has built a data middle platform - Merit Data Governance Platform - to output its data mining, extraction and governance capabilities to all walks of life, helping partners build data resources into data assets and further realize its value exchange. For years, the company has deeply applied its data capabilities to various subdivided business scenarios, accumulated in-depth industry knowledge and rich service experience, based on which it has created a series of data intelligence products and solutions, empowering enterprises and government departments with digital upgrade. In the never-ending journey to data intelligence, Merit Interactive is committed to going above and beyond, to realize its vision of “Tech for Daily Life”.
  • 意略明
    Founded in 2007 as an insight-driven marketing consulting firm, Illuminera has evolved into a premier data-empowered marketing consulting and solutions group with global presence. Illuminera’s unique strength lies in the deep belief that data of all dimensions, if analyzed properly, can lead to revealing insight which in turn illuminates powerful business strategies and ensure highly effective executions. From developing growth roadmaps to positioning mega brands, from innovating new products and business models to elevating marketing ROI with data empowerment, from telling powerful creative stories to using algorithms to guide media placement, time and again our unique philosophies and methodologies deliver substantial business impact. Today Illuminera has expanded into a collection of boutiques each with unique strengths and specializations but all relentlessly striving to help clients to innovate, grow and win. Combined together, our boutiques provide integrated end-to-end marketing solutions and lead the data-empowered marketing revolution.
  • 网易传媒
    NetEase, Inc. (“NetEase”), as a leading internet technology company based in China, is dedicated to providing premium online services centered around innovative and diverse content, community, communication and commerce. NetEase develops and operates some of China’s most popular mobile and PC games. NetEase’s other innovative service offerings include the intelligent learning services of its majority-controlled subsidiary, Youdao; music streaming through its leading NetEase Cloud Music business; and its private label e-commerce platform, Yanxuan.
  • Growing IO
    GrowingIO is a leading one-stop growth solution & service provider powered by data and state-of-the-art CDP technology. Focusing on analytics and AI, GrowingIO offers an end-to-end marketing solution to help clients on data-driven marketing, customer operation, and business growth. GrowingIO specializes in retail, e-commerce, insurance, airlines, education, content communities and other industries. With customers’ trust, GrowingIO has served thousands of the World's Top Enterprises such as Givenchy, Pepsi, ANTA, HeyTea, Hanguang Department Store, HYCAN, China Merchants Life Insurance, China Eastern Airlines, Didi, and New Oriental Education & Technology Group.
  • 秒针系统
    Miaozhen Systems – A third-party technology company, providing enterprises with marketing growth solutions based on big data and AI technology. Established in 2006, Miaozhen Systems is a third-party technology company with the mission to promote the healthy and prosperous development of marketing ecosystem by providing enterprises with marketing growth solutions based on big data and AI technology. Through its product portfolio including omni-marketing planning, omni-marketing measurement, ContentPower and insight analysis, Miaozhen Systems provides enterprises with Omni-Marketing Intelligence (OMI) services that covers online & offline, public & private traffic. With these marketing growth solutions, Miaozhen Systems enables enterprises to optimize their marketing ROI and achieve business growth. So far, Miaozhen Systems provides marketing growth solutions for more than 1,000 world-renowned brands and local leading brands in China.
  • 欢网科技 has been engaged in the field of intelligent large screen operation and marketing services for many years, and is also a professional intelligent TV service provider. In the smart TV /OTT market, has exclusive access to and operates more than 100 million smart large-screen terminals of platform/business system . In operator business , IPTV has cooperated with operators in 28 provinces and radio and television operators in 25 provinces. Independent research and development of all kinds of large screen products, committed to constantly improve user operations and services. In the field of intelligent marketing, it aims at the entrance of home large screen, aggregates the flow of intelligent TV across manufacturers, and aggregates the IPTV flow resources of 31 provinces and cities across the country. Resource marketing products cover the whole viewing path, supporting innovative marketing and customization of marketing strategies.
  • 31会议
    31Event — China‘s leading marketing technology service provider — is a leading brand under the Shanghai Bayantu Information Technology Co., Ltd which is specialized in a wide range of cutting-edge event technologies. With the mission of “Make events easier ”, we are committed to becoming the connecting bridge between event organizers, suppliers, and participants. We develop and implement solutions across all business verticals using IoT, AI, Big Data, and cloud computing technology using our technological expertise. The company has launched 7 core products and developed full-service industry solutions for both online and offline event scenes, namely 31 Lite-Event, 31 Event Cloud, 31 Exhibition Cloud, 31 Intelligent Onsite,31 Marketing Cloud, 31 Venue Cloud, and the list goes on.
  • 君乐宝乳业集团
    Established in 1995, Junlebao Diary Group is the largest diary product processing enterprise in Hebei Province, the national key leading enterprise of industrialized agriculture, the national Hi-tech enterprise, and the National Sub-center for Dairy Research and Development Technology, ranking the fourth among all diary enterprises in China. It has now over 14,000 employers, 21 production factories and 17 modern large-scale pastures. Its business scope covers four major sectors, including infant milk powder, low-temperature yogurt, normal temperature milk and husbandry, providing consumers with healthy, nutritional and safe dairy products. With stringent quality management, Junlebao infant milk powder became the first one in the global milk powder industry that passed the top certification of global standard for food safety BRC A +, and the first domestic milk powder brand to be sold in Hong Kong and Macao. Junlebao Banner infant milk powder pioneered the integrated mode of cultivation and processing, and won the special gold award at Monde Selection for three consecutive years,and be awarded International High Quality Trophy.In November 2018, it won the China Quality Award Nomination Award. It is for the first time that Chinese dairy enterprises have won the highest honor in the field of quality in China, representing the quality leap of domestic milk powder. Through unremitting efforts, the group's sales growth rate has been leading the industry for many years; Junlebao infant milk powder production and sales are leading in China, and its market share has exceeded all imported milk powder brands, becoming an important force to promote the revitalization of domestic infant milk powder; The growth rate of low-temperature yogurt is the first in the industry, and the market share is the third in China.
  • 每鲜说
    Established in December 2020, “OH! Fresh” is a healthy light food brand guided by the principle of “less calorie and more fun, natural and nutritious”. “OH! Fresh” follows scientific concepts and carefully selects products with high-standard nutrients, endeavoring to help consumers get nutrient and energy supplements in an easy way. We are always on the way to explore healthy diet and lead a better life.
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